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Crypto Currency are the future. They are decentralized asset of this defi world and it just about to come. We believed it have a lot of room to grow and eventually become day to day life transactions, so that we have Launched LEGENDARY NOODLE TOKENS called Nood on June 13th, 2021. 

Why you need 
- Exchage our noodles or drinks using Nood at a discounted price in our stores.
- Give it to your friends so they can try our noodles or drinks with Nood.
- Long term holding Nood so it may increase value in the future.
- Transfer of Value. When you don't need Nood, you can swap it to other cryptos currencies in the decentralized exchange, in this case, we use Pancake Swap. Unlike gift cards which you can only use it for the issuer retailer and it can not be cashed in other retailers.. 

Where to get
Get 1000 FREE NOOD TOKENS  by following us on            or  
Purchase coins from
Purchase coins directly from us:


* After you have made an payment, an confirmation email will be send to you. All you need to do is to reply the email with your digital wallet address. We will send the tokens to your wallet at the current NOOD market value. Please feel free to call our help line 604.875.6950 for an assistance. 

数字资产即是未来金融不可分割的一部分。它具有去中心化的特质以及极好的全球流通性,这让数字资产日益变得越来越重要。伴随着数字资产必将成为未来财富的承载途径之一,它将拥有巨大的成长空间和可使用性。我们在2021年6月 13 日生成了飞天拉面相对应的数字货币,我们把它称之为:Nood.


Photo 2021-08-03, 12 39 39 AM_edited.png

Your opinion is very important for us, please give us some suggestions to help us to better serve you

Thank you very much for your suggestions.

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